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Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19): Relative Data in Europe

The diagrams below show the data of confirmed cases and deaths of countries in Europe with a population of more than 300,000 as collected by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE) and published on Github. In addition the data of the Chinese province Hubei - the originator of the coronavirus - of South Korea and Japan - countries located close to China with an instant impact - and of countries with high highest totals - USA, Brazil, India, South Afrika, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Iran - are shown.
The used data are as provided by JHU CSSE and its sources, including some obvious errors like a decrease in confirmed cases or deaths.
Data are shown from 24 February 2020 to 05 December 2022 (yesterday).
Data is updated each day at 7:05am Central European Time (06:05 UTC) - JHU CSSE publishes data just before 05:00 UTC currently.
Changes: 4 April: USA added, 21 May: Brazil, Iran, India added, Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein removed. 24 May: diagrams about recent increase added. 12 August: South Afrika, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Chile added. 11 October: relative timeline replaced by fixed starting dates. 23 November: "increase compared" period extended to 7 days.
The shown covid-virus cases are relative!
Why? Covid-19 data as shown on the Arcgis system are totals of a country. In Europe countries have a population from about 80 million down to only a few hundredthousand. 5000 confirmed cases have a definitely different weight in a country with a high and in a country with a low population. Therefore the totals of a country are related to its population in the diagrams below.
This relative approach results in these settings of a diagram's axes:
The vertical y-axis value is the number of confirmed cases or deaths per 100,000 persons of the population of a country.
The horizontal x-axis shows dates of Mondays since 24 February 2020 - up to last summer only biweekly.

Confirmed Cases

Cases per 100,000 persons, since 24 February 2020

Confirmed Cases - total increase in the past 7 days

Cases per 100,000 persons, since 2 March 2020


Deaths per 100,000 persons, since 24 February 2020

Deaths - total increase in the past 7 days

Deaths per 100,000 persons, since 2 March 2020

The population data of Wikipedia's List of European countries by population was used, the number of the national statistic was preferred. The applied population of other countries is: Brazil 210 m, Chile 17.5 m, Chinese province Hubei 58.5 m, Columbia 48.3 m, India 1,353 m, Iran 81.8 m, Japan 126.8 m, Korea South 51.7 m, Mexico 128.2 m, Peru 31.2 m, South Africa 59.6 m, USA 331 million.
The diagrams are generated with APEXCHARTS.
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